Domaine Hatzimichalis Atalanti Valley


    • 4 bottles of wine 750 ml delivered

    “Alepotrypa”,  white dry, PGI Atalanti, 100% Assyrtiko

    “Aglianico” , red dry, PGI Atalanti , 100% Aglianico

    “Malagousia dryos”, white dry, PGI Atalanti, 100% Malagousia

    “Cab. sauv. 2005”, red dry, PGI Atalanti, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

    • 4 wine indicators
    • homemade greek rusks
    • Tech assistance for a smooth and frictionless experience
    • Cinque Wine Bar guide
    • Informative 3 D video, including 25 photos about the winery, the region and the terroir of the wines of tasting. Feel the beauty of the unique landscape
    • Tasting notes
    • Access to purchase additional wine
    • An invitation to join our wine club
    •  Cinque’s team was brought in to photograph every aspect of the winery – the vineyard, the wine cellar (including both barrels and the cellar door), the winery, the shop, the tasting room and the on-site restaurant. To make this VR experience as accessible as possible , we made sure that even without VR headsets you could access the panorama views by using 360-mode in their web browsers.

Weight 6 kg


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