Type: White, dry
Category: Traditional Appellation Retsina
Variety: Roditis 100%
Producer: Gaia Wines
Region: Nemea

Redefining Retsina wine in a new quality context, we have meticulously selected grapes of Roditis variety which grows on the hills surrounding Nemea, in Korinthos. Combining these low-yield grapes with state-of -art wine-making technology, and a carefully calculated quantity of resin from the Pinus Halepensis variety of pine tree, we have succeeded an ideal balance.
The result is new Retsina wine with a color of white yellow and green shades. A refreshing wine balanced perfectly between pine and grapes, its citrus expression coexisting with its aromatic pine resin on equal terms.
A wine that can harmonically accompany the adorable, beloved and far from typical Greek menu.

Weight 1.6 kg


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