Type: Rose, dry
Variety: Mandilaria,Aidani
Category: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)Cyclades
Producer: Anhydrous Winery
Region: Santorini


Variety : Μandilaria, Aidani
Location : Pyrgos
Viticulture : Self-rooted basket-shaped vines (kouloures)
Winemaking : Immediate grape pressure in vertical hydraulic press. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks, controlled temperature

Tasting Notes: Pale onion peel colour. Nose of fresh red small fruits, raspberries and red cherries. Dry palate, with fruity aromas of sour small berries. Mediun high acidity with a feeling of freshness and a fruity aftertaste.


Greek volcanic terroirs are found mostly in the vineyards of Santorini, where vines are planted on a white layer consisting of lava, Therean ash and pumice, whose depth varies from 30 to 50 meters and has been deposited there by the successive eruptions of the volcano through time immemorial. As a result, the soil of the island’s vine growing areas is deep and sandy with a complete absence of organic matter and thus not susceptible to phylloxera.

This “mother” lode enriches the soil with calcium, magnesium, ferrous iron and silicium but is poor in potassium which may serve to explain the especially high acidity the grapes have at their ripening peak. The soil’s low fertility and moisture capacity is offset by the capacity vine roots have to penetrate deep into the ground due to the soil’s loose composition. Indeed, since every 80 years or so the basket-shaped vines (kouloures) are pruned back down to the ground so that the “basket” may be revitalized, the true age and actual depth of the roots of Santorini vines remain unknown.

Avantis Santorini

It all began in 2012 when the well-known Winemaker Apostolos Mountrichas, enchanted by the unique microclimate of the volcanic island, with the native Assyrtiko, traveled with the dolphins of the Aegean Sea from Evia, Central Greece, to Santorini to vinify the top quality grape in his homeland.

Our philosophy is to preserve the typical characteristics of the native varieties of the island with respect to the incomparable terroir of Santorini. Having the wine-making experience of many vintages and uncountable medals from international wine competitions, we end up with wines with strong personality, fruit purity, balance… high quality wines sealed with the raw beauty of Santorini.

Wine pairing

If you are wondering, which food is the best to taste with this wine, don’t worry. Our sommeliers, in order to maximaze your taste, they created for each wine a cover. You can find on it, all informations needed for the wine, but also greek receipes, to cook and have the best pairing for your wine. Gives you also the opportunity to live the total experience of greek gastronomy. And makes it also the perfect gift to offer to your wine lover friends. 

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