Type: White, dry
Variety: Kydonitsa 100%
Producer: Zacharias Winery
Region: Nemea



Description: Kydonitsa is one of the rarest native varieties in the Peloponnese. It is cultivated in the Zacharias vineyards and gives a wine of bright yellow color, with green highlights. Aromas of quince, pear and bergamot dominate the nose, at the same time surrounding the mouth in an exquisite manner. The aftertaste is characterized by a crisp acidity and hues of citrus fruits.
Vineyards: From the Zacharias family’s own vineyards in the Boulougoura location, in the Municipality of Nemea.
Harvest Dates: Early September.
Vinification: Prefermentary cryoextraction for 10-12 hours, followed by controlled temperature extraction inside stainless tanks.
Served At: 7-9 oC.
Food pairings: Seafood, oily dishes, chicken, fresh salads.


Kidonitsa is the most acknowledged member of an almost extinct and out-of-the-ordinary group of grape varieties emerging in the last decade out of the region of Laconia, located in the south-east of the Peloponnese. It is a white grape variety, mainly producing white dry wines, but it also plays a part in the blend of the brand new sweet white wine, PDO Monemvassia-Malvasia. Kidonitsa is just a glimpse of the great potential of that area.

Vine growers of Laconia have been aware of the potential quality of Kidonitsa for several decades. However, the area has many mixed plantings, so obtaining pure Kidonitsa was difficult. That was the situation until about ten years ago when some serious producers decided to make substantial new plantations. It is a variety that produces wine with medium lemony, green color, intense aromas, dominated by notes of ripe quince—called Kidoni in Greek (Kidoni-Kidonitsa). On the palate it is round, soft, and textured. Very few single varietal bottlings are available, with those that are coming out of Laconia. Nevertheless, it will be hardly surprising if winemakers from other regions invest on the prospect of Kidonitsa’s quality.

Zacharias Winery

Zacharias Winery Ltd. is one of the most important wineries in Nemea. In recent years, our wines have received continuous distinctions from large international competitions, placing our company among the fastest-growing powerhouses in the field of winemaking.
Our company was founded by Elias Zacharias. Mr. Zacharias is a graduate of the Agricultural University of Athens, and in possession of a high level of expertise. Most of all, though, he is deeply willing to give back to the place where he was born and raised, and has incessantly been offering his agriculturalist services to Nemea since 1974.
By blending the priceless gifts of tradition with cutting edge technology, and their long experience with great scientific expertise, Zacharias Vineyards are in a constant trajectory of modernization, research and excellent winemaking.
Our vision is:
-To move the local varietals –especially the Aghiorgitiko and the Sklava- to the forefront of both the Greek and the international winemaking scene;
-To create wines which are appreciated for their quality as well for their competitive prices;
-To make products which fully respect the environment and humankind.
Our philosophy is that, in order to create high quality wine, you must start at the vineyard first. The most up-to-date scientific methods are being put into practice in our vineyards, characterized by the utmost respect towards the grapes and the environment at large. We create wines of exceptional standards, guided by the need to bring about the best relationship between quality and price. Our faith is that quality wine must be accessible to the wider buying audience. Based on these two principles, our winery keeps evolving its products but also continuous to grow, thanks to the coalescence of experience, knowledge and research.

Wine pairing

If you are wondering, which food is the best to taste with this wine, don’t worry. Our sommeliers, in order to maximaze your taste, they created for each wine a cover. You can find on it, all informations needed for the wine, but also greek receipes, to cook and have the best pairing for your wine. Gives you also the opportunity to live the total experience of greek gastronomy. And makes it also the perfect gift to offer to your wine lover friends.

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