Type: Rose, dry
Category:Protected Geographical Indication(PGI) Peloponnese
Varieties: Syrah – Viognier
Producer: Rouvalis WineryRegion: Aigio

Mikros Vorias Rose

The altitude and the sea, the fir forest and the cool summer breeze offer to Syrah and Viognier an ideal meeting place, giving a wine that is light but also complete.
Aromas of red fruits, violet and cirrus fruits ,notes of pepper, freshness in the taste and rich aftertaste.
Vilification within the growing region, at our innovative gravitational winery which takes advantage the slope of the Aigialia ground.


Roditis is the most planted white grape variety in Greece. It is also the base for hundreds of “modest”—or less “modest”—and everyday white wines. This is perhaps the reason that the variety has been often characterized as “humble”. In actual fact, however, Roditis is neither a white variety, since its berries’ skin color veers to the reddish, nor is it “humble” since, under the right conditions, it can yield distinct and excellent wines. Moreover, given the fact that its wines are modestly priced, Roditis submits its candidacy to be nominated as the best “value for money” variety of the Greek vineyard.

Cultivated throughout the land of Epirus, Roditis yields the PDO Patras wines, lends a hand to the PDO Anchilaos and PDO Slopes of Meliton whites, and is part of the blend in countless PGI wines. Admittedly, it does emerge as watery and flabby at times. Nevertheless, taming unrestrained production, opting for mountain vineyards, carefully vinifying, and keeping its wines on their lees for short spells are the key elements behind the transformation of this ostensibly ugly duckling into Prince Charming! Thus, contemporary, premium Roditis wines possess clear, lemony or—depending on the region—mineral aromas, light to medium body, and refreshing acidity, all elements that dress the wines with a “European” patina and great flexibility at the table.

Rouvalis Winery

We have great respect for the land we cultivate on.
Thus we create, attending to the needs of this special place and combining tradition with modern practices.

The vineyard cultivation, the art of vinification and the way of consuming wine existed from ages ago. We are using ancient knowledge and experience acquired through the years. Combining them with modern science, oenology and viticulture we produce distinctive wines with character.

This is our goal, to produce wines of the highest quality that express the unique characteristics of the Aigialeian terroir that also match the modern tastes.

Quality has become a habit for us and someone meets it in every step of our work. It is there, from the work in the vineyards to the wine making process, in the gravity winery. It is present in our education. Quality is the foundation of everything we do and we do it with vivid enthusiasm.

Wine pairing

If you are wondering, which food is the best to taste with this wine, don’t worry. Our sommeliers, in order to maximaze your taste, they created for each wine a cover. You can find on it, all informations needed for the wine, but also greek receipes, to cook and have the best pairing for your wine. Gives you also the opportunity to live the total experience of greek gastronomy. And makes it also the perfect gift to offer to your wine lover friends. 

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